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What is special about Higher Hacknell organic beef? We think the secret is producing it ourselves, from breeding our beautiful herd of South Devons on our Devon pastures to hanging and cutting the meat in our farm butchery.

We started breeding our herd of South Devon cattle in 1985 and can trace each animal in the herd. They are suckled on their mothers’ milk and then graze on our natural organic grass pastures, with all their feed produced at Higher Hacknell Farm. We select each animal for the perfect ‘finish’ with great marbling .They are slaughtered locally to reduce stress and then brought back to our farm butchery where the meat is hung for at least three weeks for superb tenderness and to enhance the wonderful flavour of the beef.  

We have a huge range of quality cuts, from the traditional shin and skirt to the more unusual Tomahawk steak and onglet. If you have a particular favourite cut, then just ask us and talk to our butcher.

When you taste our beef you will understand why we take so much care and effort to produce it and why it has won so many awards.

Why buy from us?

  • Genuine and fully traceable organic meat from field to fork
    We provide a full range of organic meat of consistently high quality and true provenance. Our meat is reared on organic farms in Devon, well hung and processed in our artisan butchery.
  • Our meat is reared to the highest animal welfare standards
    We know that looking after our animals with the greatest care and respect is as important to you as it is to us. Our grass fed animals have a truly free-range life with plenty of fresh air and green fields to grow and thrive.
  • Certified Organic and inspected by the Soil Association
    Organic farming standards guarantee that animals are reared without the routine use of drugs or antibiotics. G.M ingredients and artificial preservatives are banned under organic rules. Organic agriculture is better for the environment and protects wildlife without using pesticides and chemicals.
  • Easy to order with convenient nationwide delivery
    Delivery is every week to everywhere in the mainland UK. Order online via the website or call us by phone.
  • Recommended by top chefs, food writers and our customers
    We are suppliers to Hugh Fearnley -Whitingstall’s River Cottage restaurants and canteens. Our numerous awards and customer reviews are testimony to 30 years of working to produce the finest quality organic meat.
  • Friendly and efficient service, we are here to help
    We are a small family run business and have a passion for what we do.