FREE gift with every order!

Do you know that Higher Hacknell has a loyalty scheme? 

Rather than giving you points for this, that and the other we keep it very simple: 

If you buy £50 of produce every month we’ll add some tasty, free surprise items to each order (approx  10% extra meat by price).  That’s it!  You’ll also be eligible for additional special offers.

All of our products can be frozen, so if you like to stock up in advance to make meal planning more simple this scheme is ideal for you. Choose one of our standard boxes (the mixed box is a favourite with the loyalty scheme customers)  or make your own choice of cuts from our full range of organic beef, organic lamb, organic pork and organic chicken.

You can have a different choice of meat cuts each month (you might choose to add organic sausages, organic burgers and barbecue meat in the summer, or slow cooking cuts such as organic beef brisket and organic mutton in winter).

We know that you might occasionally need to miss a month (if you’re going on holiday for example – but don’t forget we can deliver to anywhere on mainland Britain, including to holiday destinations) so just let us know – it’s very flexible.  If we don’t hear from you for three months or if your orders drop below the £50 threshold every month for three months we’ll assume you no longer wish to be part of the scheme.

And don’t worry about forgetting to order – we’ll send out a reminder at the beginning of each month while you’re a member.

To join please email us at or call us on 01769 560909.