December 14th 2012

It's nearly Christmas down on the Farm - December 2012

A snowy bank

Thank you for all your Christmas orders, which we are busy organising; counting up chickens, geese, turkeys and ribs of beef on an hourly basis as the days go by. If you've not put your order in yet, don't worry, there are still a few days left to do it, but gammon joints and turkeys are nearly sold out, so please don't leave it till the last minute. For our full range please go to our website or phone me on 01769 560909 if I can help with sizes or cooking suggestions.

Life on the farm is quieter at this time of year, and Tim and David are in winter routines of feeding the cattle and bedding them down with straw as they have come inside now. The rams have done their work for the year, with the ewes well marked with the 'tell tail sign' of raddle to show they have been served. There are very strict regulations now with all sheep having to be tagged with a long number and every movement recorded, so Tim is making sure everything is up to scratch in case the government inspector calls! We are probably going to get a hand held scanning machine to make the job easier, as reading the small numbers on each sheep's ear-tag is pretty hard on the old eyes.

It's certainly getting colder, there was a sprinkling of snow on Exmoor, which we can see from here, but I'm snug in the office thanks to our new wood fired boiler (Tim is having to spend quite a lot of time getting wood and feeding logs into it!)

I hope you are all beginning to feel festive this December. The last date for delivery of Christmas orders is Friday 21st December. As usual, let us know by phone on 01769 560909 if you have any concerns - I only hope there's no snow on the way this year, or not until after Christmas. You can also collect from the farm on Friday 21st December or Monday 24th or from Crediton Farmers Market on Sunday 23rd. We will be closed until the New Year, delivering again on 4th January. Do get your orders to me in the next few days, there's still time- just!

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas,

With best wishes from

Tim and Jo and all at Higher Hacknell Farm

Phone 01769 560909