March 17th 2014

News from the farm, horsegate one year on and special offers!

Organic lasagneThe news is full or what we should or shouldn't eat at the moment, and now it's a year since it was revealed that horsemeat was in so many supermarket burgers and ready meals. It exposed the extent of a food chain which was pretty much untraceable and global. Most of us were shocked as to how this could have been going on, adding to the realization that we couldn't trust what was on the label or know what we were eating.

It was a reminder to us of why we are doing what we do here at Higher Hacknell Farm and maybe we are right in our belief that 'small is beautiful'; when things get too big-whether they are supply chains or supermarkets, they get beyond our control. If you'd like to know more about our complete organic integrity and how the supply chain at Higher Hacknell starts at one side of our farm yard and ends at the other, please read our blog

Voting for the BBC Food and Farming Awards is now open. It would be great if you'd like to nominate us for the' best Food Producer' or 'farmer' by clicking here.

Our special offer this week is 10% off our beef lasagne, which scooped a gold Taste of the West Award and won the title 'best ready meal' . Also until the end of January, beef stewing steak is only 10.50 per kilo from the usual price of 11.95. For a delivery next week on either Thursday 23rd or Friday 24th, please order by this Sunday 19th.

Many thanks and best wishes

Jo and Tim and all at Higher Hacknell Farm