April 3rd 2014

Order now in time for Easter!

Just a reminder that our last order date for Easter is 6pm on Sunday 13th April, so just over a week away. The last date for delivery will be Thursday 17th April, but we will also be delivering on Wednesday 16th, as it tends to be almost as busy as Christmas, and it's best to get ahead of the rush.

With a couple of bank holidays and family and visitors staying, it's essential to have plenty of food in store! Our mixed meat boxes will see you through, just decide what size you need: small, medium or large. Our Spring box has enough variety to match the seasonal weather- fillet steak for a special treat for two, or sausages, koftas and chicken pieces for the barbecue and a lovely Sunday roast. Our gammon joints have 10% off this week, and are delicious hot or cold in sandwiches, or as a centrepiece for the buffet table. Also on special offer are beef short ribs, very much in vogue with chefs at the moment. If you haven't tried them yet, they can be cooked in advance or left for a long time in the slow oven and so are easy for entertaining but have a bit of a 'wow' factor! If you are going away and want some meals on standby, take a look at our selection of award winning ready meals.

Although we are still waiting for the swallows to arrive - any day now- it's very spring like everywhere. The farm has a completely different feel to a few weeks ago when it was so empty and quiet, now every field has groups of newly born lambs charging around in little gangs and manic mothers baaing! The birdsong is so loud and varied that you could be in some far off jungle and the wild flowers in the hedges and woods will be a burst of continuing colours from now until mid summer. The cows have started calving, with one calf born this morning and two yesterday, so the weeks ahead will continue to be busy. We've planted the spring barley and this year Tim has added peas to the mix, which will provide excellent protein and mean we don't have to rely on imported crops such as soya. We'll also try to get a few rows of potatoes planted in beside the corn before Easter, and Jim is going to grow onions in the field as they haven't done well in our vegetable garden for the last few years.

We wish you a very Happy Easter whether you'll be spending it at home like us, or going away somewhere. Do phone your orders through to me on 01769 560909, especially if you want to ask about any particular cuts or cooking tips or go to the website at www.higherhacknell.co.uk. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes from

Jo and Tim and all at Higher Hacknell Farm


Don't forget we'll be at the Exeter Food and Drink Festival on 25th-27th April. I'll put the details on our Higher Hacknell facebook page.