May 10th 2010

Find out about our customer loyalty scheme

Higher Hacknell Loyalty Scheme

Would you like extra meat FREE or FREE delivery? If you'd like to become a regular customer of Higher Hacknell Farm Organic Meat by ordering a monthly box valued at £100 or more then we will add an extra 10% worth of free organic meat or if you prefer, free delivery.

The scheme is a hassle free and convenient way to shop-we'll contact you a week before your next order is due to remind you it's on it's way, by email or phone if you prefer. If you are going on holiday, or need to skip a month, just let us know, you're not tied in.

It's also completely flexible. Choose one of our standard boxes, the mixed box is a favourite with the loyalty scheme customers, or make your own choice of cuts from our full range of organic beef, organic lamb, organic pork and organic chicken.

You can have a different choice of meat cuts each month, if you like organic sausages,  organic burgers and barbecue meat in the summer or slow cooking cuts such as organic beef brisket and organic mutton in winter

If you'd like to take advantage of our loyalty scheme offer then please email us at or phone 01769 560909 to discuss your preferences and for us to take details of your requirements.