May 5th 2016

Thank you to our customers

Thank You!


We are so excited to have reached the finals at BOOM-Best of the organic Market- and next week will be going off to London for the Award Ceremony. Not only are we in the top 3 for the Consumer Choice,  but our sirloin of beef and leg of lamb are in the meat category finals too.  Tim and I want to say a huge thank you to all of you who have voted for Higher Hacknell Farm, and say how much we truly appreciate your support. We are very grateful to our hardworking team here in the butchery, Richard, Ann and Tracy, and not forgetting Tim and David on the farm of course.

Spring starts here with lambing time in mid March and goes through until silage and haymaking get underway in summer. And while we’re busy looking after all the new lambs and calves, fixing fences, sowing seed, the grass needs to grow. But as the weather has been cold and the nights frosty, growth is pretty slow and things are behind this year. Round here they talk of Franklin Nights on  17th  to  19th  May as the last chance of having a frost, when an infamous brewer of ale sold his soul to the devil in exchange for a frost to kill off the apple blossom and so bring ruin to the cider makers. Sun and rain is what we organic farmers want but we haven’t found anywhere to buy it!

So while we are waiting for barbecue weather, our Spring Meat Box has a lovely lamb joint for a Sunday slow cooked roast, mince for midweek meals and steaks , sausages and koftas  when the sun shines.  Let’s hope there’s some in store later in the month when I’ll be going off to River Cottage HQ in Axminster again for their fabulous Spring Fair. We had a lot of fun there last year when we had a stall  and it’s great to get together with fellow artisan producers and meet new people. Do come along if you get the chance though tickets are selling fast.

Don’t forget to check out the website for our favourite spring recipes and our seasonal offers. As a ‘thank you’ for your support in the BOOM Awards, beef sirloin is on a special offer this month. The order deadline is 6 p.m Sunday  for delivery the following week on Thursday or Friday. Do use the comments section if you have any special request for our butcher or just give me a phone on 01769 560909.

I hope you enjoy this most beautiful time of year.